The Lady Belle Rouge team is qualified and experienced in offering grooming classes for women of all ages and stages of their personal and/or professional life.

Such classes are aimed at teaching clients the basics of looking professional, whether it be simple hairstyle options, grooming techniques, or colour matching. Classes are tailored to suit the individual and, like other services provided by Lady Belle Rouge, are flexible in terms of time and content commitment.

Give your business a first impression that stands out just a few tips and techniques about simple hair & make up grooming will give your staff the skills to set you apart from the rest. As a team workshop that is great for your staff, the real benefits will be seen in the image of your business.

Specialised areas include corporate grooming, airline grooming, and daily basic maintenance for the busy woman. The team can provide anything from two-hours to a full week workshop.

Pre-wedding Consultations

Lady Belle Rouge offers pre-wedding hair, makeup and jewellery consultations for the bride and her bridal party. We can match accessories, hair and makeup to suit themes and dresses. Organise a fun event for your bridal party and take the hassle out of hunting for all your makeup and accessories.